Founded in 2012 in a small business town of Arusha, by young Intense entrepreneur who was concerned by general infrastructure and environment cleanliness of our beautiful country, Tanzania.

Universal Cleaners is currently a family owned and operated company officially registered under section 15, No. 92287 and licensed by Arusha municipal to operate cleaning services.


Using the small business mentality, Universal Cleaners believes that it is the level of quality, supervision, and communication with customers which differentiates it from competition.


1. Our Company’s goal is to professionally clean and service each of our customer’s facilities and buildings to the best of our abilities and in the highest standard possible.
2. Provide employment oportunities to our young fellow
3. To maintain environment cleanness of our country, Tanzania


The company has 10 full and part time staff , All trained in respect to each cleaning task and have each successfully completed all of the necessary safety training involved.
Employee retention is maintained by offering benefits including an extended medical plan and insurance.

Appointment & Gender

We announce vacancies in public notice boards, radio, magazine We appoint according to qualification and experience and gender balance. .


We do on job training, in every service we aquire, before and after service to meet our customers requirements with our standards in all of our cleaning services.


This is our first concern, staff are required to behave and follow the company policy and regulation and as well as customers regulations.

Leaves Entitlement

All the staff are entitlement to one month (30 days) leave per year and 3 month maternity leaves after every 3 years.


The Company shall at all times maintain insurance applicable to the Services in hand (for yearly contracts only). Such insurance shall include comprehensive liability coverage, property damage, worker’s compensation, and bonding.
The Company shall furnish to the Client a copy of such relevant insurance policies upon sign of the tender contract if required.

Quality control

Universal Cleaners has a quality control program in place for assurance of quality and does regularly scheduled inspections on all contracts on an ongoing basis to ensure the level of cleanliness is “fantastic”.